Get Some Skating in This Month

Get Some Skating in This Month

Lace up your old inline skates, buy a new pair of rollerblades, or rent some ice skates and try a hand at the old pastime of skating this month. Like dancing, skating is a wonderful workout and pastime that’s both fun and invigorating. Here are a few ways to enjoy National Skating Month this January.

Skate with a friend. Grab your BFF and hit the nearest skating rink. Not only will you have more fun than, say, if you went to the movies or out for a drink; you’ll also get to bask in the glow of nostalgia with the décor, snacks, and music playing.

Host a skating birthday party. Even if you don’t have a birthday, you could still have a party and invite people to come to have some cake and skate. If you do have a birthday coming up—or you have a friend or relative who has one—a skating party is a great way to celebrate.

Dance in the rink. Request some of your favorite songs if they allow it (play the jukebox if you can!) and just get groovy on the skating floor. Even if they don’t take requests, get your groove on with the music they choose to play.

Skate in costume. Get groovy and dress up in some bellbottoms, a flower power shirt, a tie dye headband—whatever you like. Grab a bunch of people to skate in costume together and be sure to take some fun photos. If you don’t want to be a hippie, try your favorite sci-fi characters, a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, or whatever funky thing you can think of that’s legal.

Introduce kids to skating. This is what we plan on doing with our five-year-old this year. That’s a good age to introduce a bit of skating. And if she likes it, maybe we’ll throw her a skating party sometime in the future, too.

Go ice skating. This type of skating was always harder for me (the skates always seemed too heavy), but some people say it’s their favorite type of skating. Be sure to bundle up and order yourself some cocoa during breaks. This type of skating is also very appropriate for the season.

Go on a skating date. Skip your regular routine and go out skating as a couple—or with a new flame. Remember Rocky and Adrian’s first date in the first movie of the series? An awkward date is sometimes the most romantic!