Glee: The new Rachel

Glee: The new Rachel

The New Directions start season four with a bang.

Imagine Dragons? Adele? Billy Joel? That list alone was enough to entice me to watch the season opener of Glee last night, and even though I think it’s going to get really messy with Rachel’s college experience being run alongside the glee club, I have to say, I’m impressed.

The episode started out a little tediously, with the members of The New Directions all vying for Rachel’s coveted spot at the top performer. Tina’s diva persona was the worst, though they were all annoying. They were even breaking their “accept everyone” stance to sit at the cool kids’ table.

But by the time Brittany was making her old funny/stupid remarks, the kids had been put back in their place by a variety of means—one of which was their newest member, whom I adore so far. Yes! Another poor kid! It’s about time, especially given their community, which would likely yield lots of them.I’m a little surprised that the auditions only yielded one new Glee member, though. Sure, they have Unique as well (which is awesome—I am so glad they kept him! But where is the Irish guy? I didn’t notice his return), but they have to replace several team members, and I have a hard time believing that after that many tryouts, there was only one (maybe two) decent performers.

Some highlights from tonight included…

  • All of the Glee couples are pretty much kaput. Sam and Mercedes weren’t officially separated, but he was surrounded by girls. Tina and Mike are done; though Rachel insists she and Finn are still an item, she’s already being hooked by a new (and delicious looking) junior at her college. The only two couples that really remain sort of strong are Brittany and Santana (who did not make an appearance) and Blaine and Kurt—but by the end of the episode, Kurt moves to New York (thankfully; it was beginning to look quite painful with him still in Lima Heights), and we’ve already seen how the long distance relationships have worked out for the rest of the team.
  • Coach Sylvester had her baby, and is already assigning duties like diaper changing to her newest head cheerleader, who is possibly even more of a jerkface than Quinn Fabray once was. Like my sister said, she’s gonna be someone to love to hate.
  • Puckerman has a half-brother he knows nothing about who can sing—and who has a temper. Wow, how original. He’s a cutie, though, so it might be fun to have him around; I’m going to miss Puck this season the most, I think.

It will be interesting to see how the season develops with these new scenarios going on. So far, so good—the comedy is there, the drama’s there, and the songs were excellent so far.