Will you watch Glee this season?

Will you watch Glee this season?

Without Kurt and Rachel, I’m not sure if I even want to.

Sure, I love Tina and Mercedes, and Sam and Brittany are funny—but my two favorite Glee stars (as well as my favorite singer on the show, Santana) are both gone, and now I’m left wondering if I even want to watch.

Then there was this summer’s Glee Project, which was just as big of a joke as the last one. Again, a white boy without any noticeable reason to be on Glee­—no different abilities, nothing people make fun of, not even a personality at all, really—was selected as the winner, leaving me to wonder if Glee is really about the underdog, or about who Ryan Murphy and co. think will have girls squealing over the most.

We had some real contestants who should have made it on the show this year—from a girl in a wheelchair to a Muslim girl to a big, beautiful, confident girl to a couple of shy, coffee-house type singers, we had pretty much an entire Glee cast on our hands! Yet the producers chose the all-American boy. Again.

Well, last season it as an all-Irish boy, which was pretty much the same thing, in terms of what he brought to the show.I want some zits. I want some fat. I want Goth kids, Muslims, Mormons—there are lots of Mormons where I grew up in the Midwest, so I am betting there are plenty at McKinley High. I want more science geeks and definitely more kids with varying abilities. There were always people in my choir with a wide range of abilities and it made it all the more special.

But most of all, I want that underdog theme to continue—and if people like Blake or Brent or Blair or whatever his name is keep being cast, it’s not going to happen. Then who are the kids like Mercedes and Rachel and Kurt who actually exist going to turn to when their favorite show features nothing but Pretty People?

I know where, since I was once there myself. To their friends, or a book, or some music. But the only place that I know of where you can turn to on television right now is Glee—and if it’s going to stay that way, Murphy and co. had better bring it with some coke bottle glasses and braces ASAP, because that’s what makes the show special in the first place. For god’s sake, if it didn’t, it would just be Saved by the Bell with karaoke.