Nightclubs for "Bigger People"

Nightclubs for "Bigger People"

I just read about a new movement in California- plus-sized clubs. No, not clubs as in fitness clubs, which some of the participants might need, but night clubs for people who are a little larger than most of your average Americans. And, by a little larger, I mean women who are in the 200-300 lb range.

Apparently, the movement started off on the Internet, with an organization for “big, beautiful woman” who organizes events for the big and the beautiful among us in cities across the west coast. Their site also has a dating component for larger singles who have a harder time meeting people. The goal of both the events and the clubs is to have places where heavier people can dance and feel free to bust a move or two without getting stared at by everyone else. Interestingly enough, many of the men who go to the nightclubs aren’t so heavy, while a majority of the women are.

Most club-goers seem enthusiastic and are unself-conscious about their size, but of course, obesity experts are worried that this trend will keep people fat, a claim I think is absolutely ridiculous. I doubt anyone will be so excited by their new-found ability to go to a nightclub in a comfortable environment that they will intentionally keep the pounds on or that people will try to gain weight just for the privilege of going to a few clubs and then being discriminated against everywhere else.

According to USA Today, weight discrimination is fast becoming as big of a problem as racial discrimination in the United States. The article cited the case of one woman who was told she would lose her job if she didn’t lose weight. Despite the increase in this kind of discrimination, there really aren’t any federal or state laws to protect people based on their weight.

Not only are obese people discriminated against in the work force due to their weight, both men and women are often denied medical coverage by their insurance carriers because of their weight and concerns that they might be more “at risk” for health problems. While I think people have to take responsibility for their health to a certain degree, I hate the idea of denying medical treatment to those who might need it the most.