July 2008

do you need a choreagrapher

I am in the area around Philly, and South Jersey so any area near there would work. I have studdied dance for 11 years (it will be 12 in September) This inlcuedes hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, belly dance and many others. I even was accepted into a prestigious performing arts school. so if you're in the Deleware Valley and you need a choreagrapher that can dance like either Britney, Usher, Shakira, and even Allegra Kent then email me! " People ask me why do you dance, well, why do I breathe?"


Hey whoever is reading this, well you see I take dance at my highschool, and we have strtaed off with jazz tap and now lyrical, well she said it's about time for our performance, so we need to get a group and make up our own dances and perform it. HELP I have no idea neither does the memebers in my group have any good ideas on dance moves. I would appreciate someone either teaching me dancemoves over internet or a website, it may seem imposible, but pleaz!! I NEED HELP I need to pass the class LOL We are dancing to brittney spears so they r pretty fast songs!! Love Grace Thanks a bunch

Need to know the name of a Techno/Dance/Trance Song

There was this video I saw about 1 or 2 years ago, where all it was, was a train yard and everything would rush by to the beat. For example, if you heard the snare drum, a post would fly by, if you heard the bass, a small train car would go by. I don't remember the name or artist of the song, and it would be great if anyone had any idea of the artist or the name of the song! Thanks!