August 2008

Good times at Neighbours

Has anyone heard of a night club called Neighbours? It's in the Capitol Hill area in Seattle. I went there many years ago on a Thursday night for something they called Rock Lobster. It was one of the funnest times I've ever had at a club in that dreadful city. It was a night of music from the eighties and non-stop dancing. They played all my favorite songs from my childhood, and songs I hadn't heard at a club in decades. The dance floor was a melting pot of gay boys, straight drunk girls, slick guido-types, hipsters, freaks and everything in between; there was bald-headed guy doing a twirly dance all night long, I was told he's a regular. Neighbors is a Seattle institution in this formerly gay neighborhood, it's the kind of place that is predictable and feels like home. The bartenders are always friendly and the drinks stiff. It's Seattle's gay answer to Cheers. This is a place worth checking out if you're in the neighborhood on a Thursday night and you have a hankering for good eighties music and sweaty dancing. Has anyone else been to Neighbours?

Re: Break Dancing

Anyone who knows how to break dance, or pop, is in my opinion, cool, and anyone willing to help me out in learning, by maybe putting out some step by step things to learn how to do something, and even give tips on popping style. L8r Dan . . . _.-·•o•º°º•oOo•º°º•o•-._