September 2008

Seattle's Neighbors Danceclub in trouble

These are strange days indeed. It would seem that Seattle's popular Neighbors nightclub has run afoul of the building's owners and is engaged in a fight to remain open. Apparently the owners of the building that houses Neighbors have claimed that the building can be used for virtually anything but dancing. Strange that it took them 25 years to notice all of the illicit dancing. A true cynic would probably see a conspiracy to evict and redevelop in an increasingly changing neighborhood - coincidentally (or not) putting another nail in the coffin of Capitol Hill's gay community. But my guess is that the actual issue might be the incessant, suspicious, and baffling construction and reconstruction of every molecule in the club. I know of no other place that has remodeled the exact same spot in a club once every year. It has in fact become somewhat of a joke between me and my friends (who love the place) that there has to be some money laundering scheme going on there. But who knows? Lets just keep our fingers crossed on this one.

Cloris Leachman, you're never too old to dance

Finally the folks at Dancing With the Stars are letting Cloris Leachman take a shot at the competition. They were previously cited as saying that the 82 year-old Cloris was too old for the competition. Twice. This would make her the oldest contestant since the show began. Poor Cloris Leachman, everyone picks on her. So what if she's old, she's Frau Blucher for Christ's sake!! And did you catch her on the Roast of Bob Saget? She is true comedic genius. I'm not a fan of Dancing with the Stars, and I don't understand why Cloris Leachman, a respectable actress, would want to shake her groove thing on TV, and risk breaking a hip, on TV. Maybe she's trying to prove to the world that she may be old (thanks for reminding us Mel Brooks) but she can still boogie. Or maybe she's just going senile. Who knows, but we'll definitely be watching.

Has anyone heard of dance lessons

Picture this: A beautiful summer afternoon wedding, the ceremony is perfect, the reception hall beautifully decorated, the food to die for, and a lively, happy atmosphere. Suddenly the DJ comes on the mic and announces it's time for the bride and groom to dance their first dance as husband and wife. The lovely couple moves to center of the dance floor as friends and family gather around to witness two lovers dance gracefully as an expression of their union. The bride and groom at the last wedding I attended totally missed mark on that one. There wasn't a single graceful step in those moves. They barely swayed their bodies to the lame and forgettable song they chose, and I don't think they even touched once. Haven't these people ever heard of dance lessons?