January 2011

Old Lady on Live to Dance Also in "Not Another Teen Movie"?

I think the evidence speaks for itself!

Was that old lady on "Live to Dance" tonight, the same one from this "Not Another Teen Movie" video clip? I guess I will let you decide after you see the videos.

They are totally the same person right? I think she has just gotten whiter! Watch her dance from last weeks show on MetaTube if you are still a little skeptical. A side-by-side might also be useful. Man, that woman just doesn't age!

Get Some Skating in This Month

Lace up your old inline skates, buy a new pair of rollerblades, or rent some ice skates and try a hand at the old pastime of skating this month. Like dancing, skating is a wonderful workout and pastime that’s both fun and invigorating. Here are a few ways to enjoy National Skating Month this January.

Skate with a friend. Grab your BFF and hit the nearest skating rink. Not only will you have more fun than, say, if you went to the movies or out for a drink; you’ll also get to bask in the glow of nostalgia with the décor, snacks, and music playing.