July 2011

Glee Project: Cameron Must Go

After living on this planet for nearly three decades, I suppose I should be used to seeing white boys getting strings pulled for them over and over again, but for some reason, it still just irritates the crap out of me.

Take the Glee Project. I could take it or leave it, though I do enjoy watching the performances. I’m not really that attached to any of the people that much, and I definitely think they should have cast the net out a bit further for actual outcasts, perhaps even people slightly older who could handle these roles with a bit more maturity. All of that aside, I am really tired of seeing Cameron, a completely non-geeky, non-Glee white guy get strings pulled for him every single week.

He should have been sent home his first week on the bottom. But what did he get? Not one, but TWO chances to perform—something none of the other contenders had. (That week, Emily was sent home, by the way—which was a complete slap in the face, seeing as she truly demonstrated her vulnerability when Cameron did not do much, other than blink around at the people surrounding him.) And while the head honcho was set on sending him home, the two other judges went to bat for him—and they’ve kept doing so ever since.

Cameron keeps ending up on the bottom, yet other people are going home instead. Why is this? Emily, a Latina girl with a ton of personality, and McKinleigh, a mixed race girl with a distinctive voice and country act, both had much more to bring to Glee than Cameron—yet they lost to him. I don’t even like country music, but I’d still vote for either of those girls to stay rather than bland Cameron.