February 2012

Dance Moms: Demeaning to Dance?

So I try very hard to avoid criticizing my fellow human beings. It is not in my nature to be a critic. However, every now and then, I feel the need to express myself in a less-than-glowing light. For example, if ever I see even an advertisement of “Dance Moms."

Most of television owners in America have seen the commercials for the outrageous, somewhat exploitative, and definitely dramatic reality TV show called “Dance Moms.” It has found its niche apparently because it is now in its second season. However, when I have come across the show, I am always horrified. I am not exaggerating. I do mean that I am sincerely horrified and appalled that this show goes on and on.

Sure, you may think. That is taking it a bit too seriously. Reality shows are designed to hype up the drama. Why else would people watch in this new era of fake-as-heck “reality” television taking the place of honestly scripted shows? However, when children are involved, I think we all have to take a step back and make sure that things are done fairly and ethically. Yeah, that should be the case anyway, but it’s especially important when children are so integral to the show. Although she show may be titled to their “moms," these children are also its stars, and the drama that circles around with their overly competitive, trash-talking mothers revolves around them.

The Most Memorable Dance Scenes in Movies

"There is no doubt that the epic ending dance scene in Dirty Dancing is definitely one of the most revered and memorable dance scenes in film"
Dancing has been a very important part of motion picture history since silent films graced the screens at theaters around the country. There are so many movies that depend on dancing to move the story forward, and still others feature dance as a main theme. Yet others including dancing to define and complement certain characters. Dance has many uses in film. Here is an eclectic list of movies that capture great dance moments. 
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta lit up the dance floor like no other couple in cinematic history in Grease. Whether at the dance or in the electric ending scene where they sing “You’re The One That I Want,” it’s bliss to see. John Travolta really deserve a long list all for himself as he also lit up the dance floor with his mesmerizing moves in movies like Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, and Urban Cowboy. 
There is no doubt that the epic ending dance scene in Dirty Dancing is definitely one of the most revered and memorable dance scenes in film. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were simply magical dance partners. Did you know they have since made two Dirty Dancing inspired workouts? You, too, can learn those famous moves.

Kirstie Alley Presents 100 Days of Dance

Kirstie Alley has made an exuberant decision to spend 100 days of dance in 2012. What does this mean exactly? Well, she has committed to a 100 Days of Dance challenge. The premise is simple. She asks that you dance for at least 30 minutes each day for 100 consecutive days, and she is going to do the same. 
It’s not too late to start. Sure, Kirstie started the challenge on January 1, but all the dance videos are conveniently archived by day on the official website of the challenge, Kirstie Alley’s 100 Days of Dance. You can start at Day 1 and go forward from there, or simply start where they are now, then go back when it’s all through. Alternately, you can choose to simply do something like 30 days of dance. Do it at your own pace. It’s put out there to inspire and to help you and others enjoy the fun of dance. Most of us here already love dance, but who doesn’t need some motivation from time to time?